March 30, 2010

twenty nine march twenty ten.

assalamualaikum. orang islam? sila jawab.

i went to shah alam with akk. oke fine i-city was awesome and amazing great. the way all of them arranged the place is totally fun. when i sat there with my 'ais kacang' it was like a hell great enough to make me smile looking at the 'snow' tree. i was like, 'boleh buat satu kat rumah x?' and of course akk staring at me like a starving bear. a little bear with a HUge mouth. the sengal-ness keep flow in our blood stream through the haemoglobin bagai. ape ni? then, while waiting for akk's friend. i looked straight to a little small kids around. with a balloon, the pistol terbang and all the kid-ies. it looks so funny and it makes me smile. again! after a long period without any smile and when i smiled, it's like? wah! aneh. like that. and it looks so fantastic look at the tree with a lighting2 around kan. like a dream come true life kan. macam cartoon series. amazing2. buat lah dekat vista. boleh selalu pegi. kan2? when i looked at the people around while ate some keropok lekor kan, i keep thinking one thing, 'dorank ni xkje ke esok?' it almost 11 something kot. after a long conversation with akk's friend, we went to 'hakim'. oke fine! it's terrible ngantuk punye pasal kan. so then i just like, 'hah2?' like a dumb little girl kan. tired gler kot. sampai pukul 1 plusplus. still lepak-ed at hakim dengan kakngah and abg ikhs'. better u correct your tone. just akk and i know how to pronounce it. around one at the pagi hening tu, still lepak-ed with a sepet red's eyes. oke fine! i'm getting exhausted time tu. battery charging plak failed. aha! tibetibe lak. and i'm wishing for a miracle yang dapat mengembalikan my glucose energy level so then i can keep smile that time being. i don't want akk's friend have a negatve feedback bout me. cakap i arrogant plak nnty kan. oh btw, kenapa the others keep say the same thing with differnt kind of word lah kan. "hey! awak ni sombong la", "cik arifays, awak ni memang sombong ke?", "syafira, muka kau ni memang muka sombong la.". eh hello2! don't judge a book by it's cover kan2. mne ade i sombong, cume orang cakap, zaman sekarang kan it's hard to know other's well dengan tengok muka dorank. sekarang rambut pun dah lain2 colour even act kite sme2 melayu. kan?
motif picca? ya! i've alot of motif here.
first : i would like to sangkal korank cakap i sombong. see. see. i've a great big smile ape.
second : i nak introduce. ini lah cousin looooovely. again, correct your tone please..
third and last la : because i love the elmo shirt. more and more. tapi mne baju tu yek? campak mne sesudah lipat? ayoyo.. looking for elmo's now.

i'm text-ed with hasnor aka chenoi. he get the jpa3 interview. wah! a BiG clap. he getting matured now. he know me well. he know how to accept what i've said to him before. alhamdulillah. he can accept that i'm not that kind of syafira anymore. xpe kan, kau lek kan? kau dah tua kan? kau dah boleh fikir ape. kan2.. at 11 something he wrote something for me. and i was like a shocking with the sweating2 kan kerana panas. so then, i was like.. hehe.. :))

"amin! well, behind every great man there's a great women. in diz case. syafira!" wah! then my nose keep kembang kempis, kembang kempis all the time lah kan. chenoi know the best thing to make myself proud atas diri sendiri.

a little word : i'm not ready. but a least i've tried. kan?