January 21, 2012

cerita itu aku tulis.

Dear all of you, did i tell you guys about my wonderful universt's life? yes i dooo! because for me i just cannot stop to do so. because it's total LIE if i did not.

i had the most awesome time here. with all the beauty queens and great kings here and there, it was extremely hebat sangat sangat. ye begitu! i can do whatever i love to do because who cares kan. kat sini, life kau kau punya pasal, pedulik pulak aku. kannnn. :D

for me,when i fall sick i shouldn't feel worry at all because i'd the most cool room, class, course-mates eva afta! seriously i do. sebab mereka sangat sangat dekat dengan saya, where ever i go. even restroom, seriously. kalau cheq rasa macam nak pi buang aiq besaq kecik ka, semua depa nak ikut. sebab for them, i need accompanied even for me, i do not really need it. but dah orang sayang lebih kan, kita apa lagi, terima saja laaaaa.

so here are some moments i'd sepanjang kat sana sila enjoy.

the moment when i be the-driver-of-the-day.

the moment when i-speak-on-the-phone-in-drain.

the moment when my friend-and-i-waiting-and-snaping without makeup.

and the moment when my classmates and i make a line and click!

that's why i call, glory! when no-one cares about what u guys do. in fact, its up to u and this is the time when everyone use this kubur-masing-masing in their daily life. again, when u fall sick, maybe your close friend is there, but do not expect everyone are worries about u, because in univerct's nobody cares. trust me! no-one.

okay dah la. sampai sini dulu okay. till next post do take care. love, fia.

a little word : aku ingin kamu.

January 10, 2012

sabar part of iman

dear all of you. lately, perasaan diri sendiri dah tak reti nak bendung, tak reti nak kawal. sikit sikit nak mengamuk. sikit sikit nak lempang orang. pfft! control control. once i feel to do so i keep talked to myself like this,

"fia, come on keep moving, control cun!"
"hye beautiful lady, why u keep put the blame on you, its not your fault what, cool down cool down!"

it's something like that. but not as exact as that lah. but it sounds soo. but in between being cool and that 'CONTROL AYU' sometimes, i can't pretend like i'm fine, because it was total lie. and for me, being hypocrite is not me at all. then, as usual i'm cried again and again. but now, there's no more that SOMEONE to ask me to stop from keep crying because there is no one here. for me, even i'm stuck in the middle of crowd, still! i can't feel that loneliness moving away. it was a BIG i-don't-know.

i'm not write this to express or to tell you guys everything but i need to let this off from my mind so i can keep moving vigorously and happily. *ape kebenda? okay fine! i don't get any point to write this post but i need to post something. have to!
oh btw, did i tell you guys about all the MAN i met here? like ayien, si faqruz, and all the london mates? of course i do. i've told you before so i do not want to repeat it. because it LAME, fine!

everything keep moving as what as i wish, but sometimes its slippery kot tu sebab macam tergelincir sebentar macam tu kan. but for me as i can keep smiling pretending like there's nothing happen, then Insyallah lah semua akan okay kot. because i'm COOL.!*again, that's how positive charge being recharged.

now! here, i'm declaring to guys semua that i'm not going to cry any more any time any longer any way, semua lah! because i'm cool and from keep crying and wasting my tears that are cost lots of money baik i buat kerja more berfaedah kan such as hah! Salawat upon the Prophet ke. it sounds comel right. so why not. other than the-crying-moment-plus-that-running-nose, okay what, plus pahala kan. :')
so insyallah, i should take this as a lesson, so i'm not going to waste anything, not wasting time tears and my teen's. then i'll be more matured and feel more secured to be here as a LADY, this is what i call a life, because i'm proud to call my own as a lady. because i am a lady.

so till the next post.
lots of love, fia.
mari hafal yassin lagi sekerat tu.

January 05, 2012

cerita melayu.


dear semua orang, harini kelas akan start pukul 4.30 petang nanti, tidur punya tidur, bangun pergi toilet, hantar baju pergi dobi, masuk bilik balik, still! jam tak reach 4 lagi. okay sumpah keterlaluan. dah kau tau kelas lambat lagi bangun awal awal, atas dasar apa kan. *kejam

it just i just don't get any ideas to do anything else except this blogging stuff, so i'm just trying to be some kind of awesome, then i'm writing something here. at least! i did something useful. apart than termenung keseorangan. shut!
oh btw, friend of mine going to start his first day as a BR's employee this evening, maybe its looks like nothing-to-do-with you things kan tapi i love to write about this, this is my blog and i'll write anything. okay dah dah.

and now! i would like to describe my title. *and now, i bet! everyone start to say, "alhamdulillah, habis jugak intro dia ni!" you know, i kind of someone who love long mukadimah right, so no worries. chot! okay as what the others blogger keep mention to u guys about the OR's phenomena i was like, okay-everyone-keep-talking-about-that kannn, so i'm not too sarcastic to say it was not awesome at all but i some kind of okaylah cerita melayu jadi bahan bual. kan again? and now, i would like to make an announcement that gonna make u guys move ur feet and jump like crazy *lagu barat
okay, it just i would love to say that i've watched that missing wavezzzz! translator, ombak rindu. daaa!
this is what i called a MOVIE okay semua orang, its because it was awesome like sangat sangat and i love the way that aoran aziz do his job, sangat macam cissss! real nak mati dia ni berlakunnnn, naik jakun aku melihatnya. so in fact of being jakunnn-ing i also enjoyed the storyline, it's marvellous and hey-dude-u-should-take-a-look. macam tu lah kalau nak describe dia punya best tu.

and for all those things that had happened, cerita 23.59 really2 drve me crazy, apa ke buat cerita terkejut macam tu. but to test ur heart, i strongly recommended you guys to watch this movie. apart than enjoy the movie, u guys can really do free test for ur heart function. seriously! but but and but, this movie is not malay, but i'm not saying english or international movie not for malaysian or what tapi tapi tapi, saja nak bagitau ini bukan cerita melayu but this story us 'LAAAaaaa' ye ada on one of the scene. seriously again!

recently, i feel so alone. and i don't know why, i'm sitting in the middle of the crowd but still! i feel empty. like a dustbin. sumpah! maybe i'm too focus on something that even kiddo can really know that its not going to work but i just hoping for miracle yang macam next-thousand-year going to appear macam tu lah. kalau nak cerita agak agak sampai kelas petang ni start pun cerita tak habis, so let time tell u the whole story. 

so i think, this picture going to be the last part of this post, so that's what i need to say right now. dear semua orang, till the next post do take care.

enjoy this video. this guy appeared as i wrote about this ombak rindu, so i just wanna to show u this man. 

notes :
* saya guna bahasa omputih sebab satgi saya ada test english.
full with love from london.