March 03, 2010

2nd march twenty ten.

"...tuhan berikanlah aku cinta. untuk temani ku dalam sepi. tangkap aku dalam terang mu, biarkan lah aku punya cinta. tuhan berikanlah aku cinta. aku juga berhak bahagia, berikan restu dan halal mu, tuhan beri aku cinta..." bukak mata je teringat lagu ni, on lappy je lagu ni keluar. oh gosh!

... a wonderful and delightful second date. i can't describe using any single word. the way he looked at me, the way he hold tight my hand. he make me feel so secure and safe, all the time.
now i realise something, i've met my 'hari bertuah'.
bie, did u remember bout what i've told u before? bout my 'hari bertuah'.?
x ingat? u!

the movie. percy jackson and lightning thief. it's fantastic. and banyak Wooo000w' dari from paris with love. the best part is when annabeth fighting with percy to win a flag during their pratcse of something itu time dekat 'camp half blood'. "..Annabeth is really good at strategizing, and she nearly always has a plan. That's why she is captain of her Capture-the-Flag team.." blablabla. panjang sangat cter. four star! ~
percy jackson. he's fantastic. make the movie going smoothly. oke fne! xhabis2 nak puji dia ni.
oke fine! honestly, dia kacak ye. ehem2. lol!
annabeth. :D

and luke. :)

more details tengok la sendiri. xpun click ni

a little word : jangan nak ngengade ngorat uncle muke mcm brad pitt ye! c(:

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