March 01, 2010

the day after what i did before.

along the road to sungai sendat. there's a lot of thing keep playing in my mind.
it's totally fun. damn much fun i mean. a lot of people i can saw there.
a couple. a family gathering. a reunion. a. a. and a.
the moment when kakak lemas. i just can't do anything. cause my leg mengalami cramp suddenly so i can't do anything. i'm sorry for that kind of thing kakak. but i've tried. i can swim well everyone admit thts. tapi dahjodoh kan. waah! tibetibe. thanx for the food kak dee and kakak. thanx for myself for the drink. it sweet and good enough. sorry. i've no idea. blank..~

a face of cik feera. after about two hourSSssss in the river. sangat cold! but it totally awesome.

had a family dinner at tesco. even though almost collapse in front of the others at the huge tesco.
tapi perut dah nynyi lagu lady gaga kan. so apakah. a delicious sizling mee for a late dinner. 9.25 pm for a sunday's dinner.

"...rain. rain. go away. come again another day..."
i yang buat benda jadi mcam ni kan..

.... i ym-ing with muhd adib izwan. nabil's little brother.
"eh nab. how can u fikir nak pegi keje even kaki xelok lagi. ape ni, kata nak hangout. bile nak keluar kalau kau xsehat. of course iBu iDa x kasi lagi kau hangout even orang itu aku kan. jangan la sakit teruk sangat. nanti kalau kau masuk hospi, spe nak aku gosip-ing with. dengan sapa aku nak ngadu when i'm not in mo0d. when i'm not good enough as a girl-fie. when i'm totally out of idea to talk about. cepat la sihat! nab, cepat la sehat!."

a little word : my language is our of service. totally!

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