April 03, 2010

totally exhausted.

oh hello guys. no picca again on this post. ada la, kat sebelah ni. hah. seesee.

a long step today. went to kl with mak, akk, kngh and hazzee. and i was like. brreee.. kngh looking for her dress for a dinner on the next monday. and for the third, fourth shop then she bought a long black dress. oke fine! it's gorgeous. terlalu.
it's not all about a long gorgeous dress. she also looking for bracelet, high heels, a beautiful handbag and there's a lot of things..

dan x dilupa. motif sebenar post nieyh. nak kasi tau nie... jengjengjeng. i bought my wish-list jeans!. omg.omg. bangga2. di romp sungei wang! tahniah syafira tahniah. after a long time wishing for the jeans. at last ye. at last. oke actually, thanks for mak for the jeans. tak gune duit sndry, it was amazing lagi. haha. :))
plus! i bought baju yang sudah lama teringin. at last juge. wah! bertuah nie hari nie. bertuah2. senyum je memanjang. i'm exactly our of idea. nak keluar ke x hah? khamis2? olalala., xtau nieyh? macammana2?

oke lack of idea.
thanx for visiting me again today. ohya! luv u too. pada sape2 yang luv me for today ye.

a liitle word : feera gembira sikit ni. bie! miss u nie. :'D

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