April 18, 2010

18 kini pada 18 april.

i don't get any idea bout this.
happy eighteen's afifi.
wish u all the best. may allah bless u forever and ever! (sama mcm kat fb nie)
getting matured? great enough hah?
i wish u'll drive a great excellent car after this. bleh bawak syafira kan. then kite sme2 langgar bonggol biar kete tu berderai! hehe. :D
ya i know! and i'm not going to get jealous bout that because i know something delightful than be matured. wah!

btw, i would like to share my deep condolences for late achik spin's family. there are lot of thing make i start wonder when i'll leave all this. ya allah! do take care of him. al-fatihah.


adamlok said...

cis nape mu senset muke aku??? huhuh

arifays said...

hehe., dah bukan birthday mu. :D