April 04, 2010


oh hello guys!. went to sunway piramid just now. and i'm so happy right now because i can get webbie xlama lagi. bahagia. cik lappy done! i wore a long and almost short dress with a legging, and a ballet shoes. dah lama xpakai shoes tu actually. and i was like wowo.

and hazzee like a jerk taking a picture like dis. xpe hazzee xpe. take my half picture hah? oke xpexpe. i lek je. don't worry i'm not going to kill u because of this thing. oh sweet enough hah?
went to lappy shop. take cik lappy. after one weeks. at last ye. at last.
give a big clap for encik peng-service notebook. oke! great enough to see u again cik lappy.
see.see. like father like daughter hah?!
hah! am i look like my father? absolutely yes syafira. yes.
kata anak ayah! and mak too. :D
after solat maghrib and have a delightful walk around the sunway piramid. i give a suggestion to take a rest at footmaster. ayah and mak like oke jom!. take a look bout five second on the brochure and step inside the shop. oke excellent great job guys!.
look at mak face. just like she keep saying something,
"omgomg! what should i do?"
aha., xdekxdek. mak used to do this lah actully so she was so excited. tapi ayah? oke memang ayah jarang buat. so he like oh buat slow2 ye.

muka terkejut look at hazzee who is photographer yang exactly
don't have any mood to take ours. xhabishabis dengki. haiyoo!

oh kakngah. another big sista! lain kali jangan ada shocam time kami nak dating sefamily ye.
you must be so jealous when u looked at this later.
i now u will. don't worry mak take a package for this. for the next couple of week, mak kata we'll do the rest-ing season at bukit tinggi. wowo! bukit tinggi klang. take a note bout this. hehe. :)

again.again and again.
oh btw, i told akk bout an uncle who is exactly look like uncle khalil which is qutbi putra's dad.
he do the same treatment there.
when he looked at me when i rendam my leg in the fish-ies water tab, i was like. 'eh he look like someone, sape yek sape?' and after keep thinking n perah2 otak. omg! it's funny kan.

see. u guys said my blog doesn't seem to have a lot of picture kan? nah amek!
i berkorban nie letak banyak2 nie. nahnah.

hah! itu mak tu. yang kat sana tu. yang pegang phone tu.
hah! yes exactly she is only the one in the picca. no one else.
and after have a romantic rest at footmaster. went to akk's friend restaurant at puchong. oke fine mak suggestion being unaccomplished. radhi corner. oke let make your dream come true next time yek mak.

ate a plate of lamb chop with some roti canai. and i was like. erk! alhamdulillah. so full now. and getting tired a lot. forgive someone who walk around the restaurant and disturbed our photo. tapi xpexpe. lek je. perut kenyang senyum je la.
and drove back to vista. along the way i keep smiled. xtau lah kenapa. i don't have any idea bout that. syafira dah sewel kini? no.no. i'm not at all. i'm just keep give some sedekah kan. so how? am i generous enough. eleyh, yes you are. cakap je camtu. i xkesah sangat.
a little word : i'm big great enough to say i hate u!.
yes i do. ;'D

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