February 24, 2010

i appreciate it.

....i keep wonder how can he make me smile...

i met him eight years ago. the moment he approach me, i'm just a little girl who always keep crying because i can't stand with the situation in my ex-secondary class. 4 waja. i miss the moment when he sit right besides me at basketball field, after i ran away from my class because of all the stupidest thing, he always be the one who approach and listen to whatever i'm going to say. he used to say, even what and how long it takes for me to tell him everything, he'll never fadeup to do so. he will be here. right beside me. to listen to me. ziq! what should i say? i never can satisfied u right? i keep let u down each time. i just never and don't want to listen to u. whatever u say to me. i just can't make it real. i just can't stand with all this. with all kind of feelings that i've right now. ziq! if one day i doesnt' tell what happened to me. please. i just don't want u to know everything dah. when the moment came, i just want u to know something. i never wanna make u sad. just because of me. just because all of my mistake. all of my carelessness. i'm just a little syafira. who never care about myself. i just can't ziq!. i've tried.

a little word : sakit tekak.

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