February 01, 2010

i'm sorry.

it doesn't matter what i feel.
i'm so sorry. for all what i've done to u.
i'm here to ask for ur forgvnes.
.rasa mcam hari raya plak.
so here with all my respect towards u.
full with lovee i'm asking for ur forgnves.
i'm totally sure all this happen after what i've promised to u before.
nowdays. i became a selfish. more2 and more.
i just can't figure how hard my life for the last couple weeks.
i'm getting older and bigger. but i can't put myself as tenang as orang lain.
i keep move and each time i do so, i keep fall down and cry.
i don't wanna my tears get waste each time. but.
u know. i'm just a little amir's daughter. that never can put myself first.
entah la. tak tau. the same word each time they ask me why.
aku nak cakap ape kalau memang aku xtau.
dah memang aku xtau., xkan aku nak cakap yang aku tau plak.
ape kau cakap nieyh syafira.....
kau suke sangat belit2. dah macam belut dah.
i'm done. tiada lagi kata2 untuk dibelitkan.
silllleeeeeeeeent.. syh.. ;)

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