February 27, 2010

a day.

i'm just to tired for every single thing.
i just need a rest. a hundred percent rest!.
i'm begging u guys for this moment.
please. for those yang i xknal. please!
i repeat please!.
don't text me like this ye."....hai! bleh kenal..blablabla..."
what the fish. how can u get my number and ask the stupid question.
please. i'm sick for that kind of question.
i'm tooooo generous not to yell at u or whatsoever. so please for this, i mean for just only one hour,
give me some space. space for me to take a breath. as deep as i can.
because i just can't get any clean oxygen for the past couple of weeks.
so please. oh. tommorow is the day of the year. cece.. ayat hiperbola sikit. sorry!
ASAP, i need my license.so then i can handle a lot of thing.
thing? ya2. of course. the reunion tO-be. and of course a lwatan for all of my beloved's...
plus. jenguk nabil yang sakit. ape lah kau ni nab.! lain kali nak sakit bagitau la awal2.
xlah aku rush2-ing. so then, aku leh buat plan lawat kau dulu.
note for u nabil : better u get well soon. so then kau bleh treat me a cup of hot choco.
plus, kata nak lepak-ing. tibe2 sakit. for sure ibu IDa tak kasi kuar kan. take a good care bout every single thing bout ur health now. plus, don't take a long journey. just give me a call if there's something. copy? betteru copy that, cause i really2 mean it. please sila faham budak.
note for u honey bie : i do love u. blushing2. :D
a single word : post yang banyak 'please'..

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