February 24, 2010

from paris with love.

.... there's a lot of ways to introduce ourself. lagi2 dengan someone yang suddnly sit besides us while waiting for kakak and her friends, alone at the curve. what the fish jgak, but it was a fantastic experience jgak. pengalaman untuk kita kenal orang malaysia. cece. :D

the best part of our conversation is..
B: oOOoooo,saya dulu pun study kat situ. tapi sejak study kat situ saya dah jadi 'awww' sikit so mak saya pun suruh berhenti.
G : ohyeke. hah! elok.
apa2 ntah. itu lah malaysian kan. sangat peramah. and i'm just a person yang tak suke tegur orang yang xdikenali.
after that weird conversation, a guy suddenly asking for a favor...
B: hai! dari tadi i tengok u sorank2. i nak mintak tolong sikit, kalau ada masa mesej2 lah i ye. (sambil bagi his name card)
G: er... (senyum paksa!)
see. i've told you right. i'm not a kind of girl yang friendly pada stranger. so i'm sorry, i can't change my attitude. it waaaasss so not me ye!
see kakak! saya dah cakap kan dengan awak. next time please don't u ever dare leave me alone at the huge the curve. for half an hour sitting there, a lot of people staring at me just like i look like a monster. apakah?

from paris with love.. it was amazing. just 'wow' sikit je
there's a lot of word yang patutnye ditapis. tuuuutttt!
no need to publish it because everybody know what exactly i mean kan.
the best part is when reese said 'that word' to caroline.
that word is L.O.V.E..
the way he say the four letter word. make my heart dubdabdubdab. tibe2 nak over acting kan. :D
credit to john travolta and jonathan rhys meyers. both of them sangat cool.
i love caroline's dress. dress from their own bedroom curtain. hehe.

a little word: bie! maksud nama i is, perempuan yang mulia.

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