May 19, 2010

the day when all the past never be the truth.

dear bloggie,

happy 4th month anniversary bie.
when the time never tried to be my friend. i tried to keep my heart and soul between the facts.
the facts never lied. and i believe at the end of the world, everyone will trust the facts. facts oh facts!

will u be mine forever? sorry i can't be ur perfect. but i've tried.
when both of us being apart. the guy get a move to banting. and the girl get another way to kuala pilah. isn't it weird?
ini ceritacintascorpio. tapi cerita cintanye asyik berubah. bukan berubah mende pun it just. entah lah weyh, karya sekarang makin dihancurkan. ceritanye makin pelik. makin banyak likuliki. macam apetah.
post nie bosan la. xnak dah tulis. byebye. :')

a little word : do hate me and i'll love u. janji!

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