January 19, 2011


dear bloggie, how are you guys today? everyone get well or get sick? or maybe you guys have same feelings like what i fell right now. i feel like i want to be hooooommeeee.!

okay! i'm in mood for aaaaaa hoooolidaaaay! and i really mean it.
so basically, i do not not and not want to be here. i want to leave all this things. to get out from this hell. and just get another day to enjoy my life. my whole life i mean. so may i?

who i am? i'm just a little girl who doesn't easily get annoyed but i'm the one who easily get annoyed by others. so which one is better? be or not to be?

other than that i'm just most like you. i am just a girl who love to sit alone, that you saw in cinema eating popcorn without pay it ( because my friend bought it for me, okay!) , that girl without a smile when i was in bad mood. so isn't it like what u guys did?

just look at me.. i'm totally not a fashionista. i'm totally not the one you're supposed to follow. 
because i'm not perfect at all. i'm not famous at all, and i'm not going to admit it because it doesn't make sense. and the most important things, i don't believe it at all. because? i'm not.

get it?

so what should i do if i mean to be so?

i'm the one who never wear my make up during 'super junior and senior's meeting.
so isn't it clear?

i doesn't deserve anythings. 
so please, do not ask me the same question. 
i know who i am. and i made this blog not for get dikenali or something. i just love to be here, sharing something about what i love to do and what i doesn't. and such things.

the way i wearing my hijab always get changes. because i love something new.
i just love to look fine. not super duper hijab's.

so that's why i just put on my hijab and pin it up and then dah!
so i'm just not too concern about what i'm wearing and what i looked like. 


just look at me again before i end this post.

i'm totally NOTHING...

when my dearest followers told me that they love the way i wear this i wear that and something, i just do pray all of them take the best of me and not the bad part. because i'm not perfect.
not not and not perfect at all.
but yet here you go, i'm totally someone just like. 
with a mistakes. 

I've told you guys right that i'm totally nothing right. i'm the one who being annoyed by others even i didn't do anything towards them, haah kan? 

sooo? till then just believe me on that statement. because i swear to god, i really really and really mean it.
but but but 

healthy till end of the day. 

dah.! malas nak speaking dah. 


a little word : leave me or kill me.


Anonymous said...

tutup je la blog ni..

Anonymous said...

berpakaian tapi telanjang tu haram..

Fatin Hanani.. said...

anonymous 1:apa hak anda nak suruh orang tutup blog??

anonymous 2:tak salah kalau nak tegur orang tp gunalah bahasa yang sopan sikit okey!!

fyra as usual..be strong babe!

arifays said...

anonymous 1 : saya rasa saya tau awak spe. anonymous yg sme di fs saya. sorry kalau saya buat awak rasa berpenyakit. saya bukan pathogen rasanyeee.

anonymous 2 : thanks.

tintin : cuti jumpa k. byk bnde nak cter. i'm tired!

Anonymous said...

semoga anda menjadi yang lebih baik dari masa ke semasa. saya sentiasa mendoakan awak. :)

aleen aiden said...

hahah.tetibe je kan,da malas nak speking.hu3

arifays said...

aleen : hehe., saja kasi gempak sikit sikit. hello btw>! <3