February 23, 2012

mural painting

Assalamualaikum and what a great khamis kann.

Dear all of you, hello and what a day kan? what a year for just only a short post kan. entah lah csw memang agak busy sangat sangat kat sini with all the events, tutorial, lecture, and sort of things kan. yang macam phewwww!
so today, as my class being cancelled and i've free time so i'll update something here. so enjoy this short post. @afiqah i post this as i remember that u miss my blog kan. :)

did i look like a super manager who are busy handling all the matters with that shades. 
i know i do! thanks a lot for that puji pujian. 

this two guy, are wonderful. 
seriously both of them do. i can't imagine how hard my time here without this man. 


again, this man sometimes drve me insane and sometimes again i feel like jumping around because of this man. because this man are total crazy. 

oh! i can't explain how much i miss my PR!

do tengok this above picture. can u really see how hard i'm trying to listen to that abang AD's explanation on how that mural should be.

its sounds payah norr but in fact, its not that hard but its pretty hard jugak lah. sebab its memang payah actually for all the tourist2 guide to paint something.
oh btw, that pejabat perdana menteri on the left side and the masjid negara are my creative art tau. its quite good hah! *terasa bangga

oh again i would like to promote something apart than my beaatiful drawing. that TAG also one of my hasil kerja. about a week tau nak siapkan tag untuk memuaskan hati ramai pihak. 


again this bossy-picture keluar. tapi macam comel lak kadang kadang.

do i look sangat kacak in this picture?
okay tahu, i memang kacak tak yah ulang banyak banyak. i know. :)

and this event going smoothly sangat sangat sampailah saat kemas which for me agak jengkel sebab kaki saya dihimpap oleh meja batu yang sangat berat. maka ibu jari saya tercacat sikit. tapi tak pe, at least saya ada tanda kenangan sempena event ni. :')

*abaikan gambar gambar yang tak penting, saya just nak tunjuk meja yang himpap kaki saya. ini lah meja nye! cisssskek punya meja. 


and this last but not least, hari when my friend and i was performing for LIVE for RTM citrawarna session. it was amazing and awesome. and that night all of us just like a calon calon akhir gadis melayu with all the kebaya. 

taaadaaaa. :)
so that is what i call a busy weeks and now i need to focus on my FInal that i think just sikit lagi nak terbabas masuk dalam schedule i. so as what i mentioned earlier saya sangat busy sejak masuk UiTM. so maaf zahir batin for habuk habuk in this blog. tolong doakan saya dapat jawab final dengan awesome as what i did in my test2 before. btw, Alhamdulillah result test test untuk carry marks agak awesome dan membantu saya untuk senyum, so please do keep praying for my success.

lots love, fia kacak

a little word : PR, aku tau kau sibuk. tapi aku rindu kau tau!

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Anonymous said...

hai csw yg kacak :),siapa PR tuu? boypreng csw ehh ;)