October 30, 2009

when i stiill...................

all the times i wonder on something.
but i just can't release it and tell it pada amalina.
i just can't.
i've try! and memang i can't.. sumpah.

dan hari ke hari i jadi terlalu susah utk difahami. terlalu selfish. i'm not the old one. yang dulu ske sangat jge hati org laen. no!
i'm not changed. and i'm not going to do tht. it just..
i xmau terasa sedih. a single moment pun.
i nak gurau2 without ade yang terhurt.
but it seems like no one can understand what i'm think over here.
tapi i just make him terluka lagi.
but if he can understand me. read my blog and know what i'm thinking over here.
tapi it'll never happend. i know tht.
i knal dye. kalau dye mrah. phone pun xmau angkat.
and i've tried to call him. text him. but it seems macam xwork je.
what should i do.?
went ke rumah dye..?
and just keep wondring2 je slalu. bpak macam silly...

oh sebentar tadi.
i read someone blog. and i wanna to cry.
she makes me too do so.
i can't figure how tenang she is. she still can give a lot of smile on her lips even dye ade problm itu.
how best kalau i jadi macam dye.
tapi i know sangat2 i xkan bleh.
sbb i bodoh.!
damn much punye stupid....
no2... no..!
amalina akan marah punye kalau dye tau i ckap like this..
but i am kot.. :'(

there's no more words....

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